Saturday, October 3, 2009

Finished guitar cabinet!

Brought all the pieces home and put them together this evening with a bit of help from buddy Mark. First, for Kerry and James and everyone else who was confused about the "hockey sticks", this picture (blurry as it is) should make things a little more clear. You can see the T-bolt at the top - that slides in a mitre track - and you can see the yoke at the bottom, which holds the instrument. The idea was to suspend the instrument directly below the T-bolt and leave room for the biggest peghead of which mere humans can conceive.

I'm still missing one guitar that should be in there - I have to get it back from a friend - but the second picture shows the cabinet in all its glory, lit up with the internal fluorescent and basically doing its thing. I have to play around with the order of the guitars a bit more, but you certainly get the idea.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out!

(Oh yeah, because I know someone will ask, the instruments from left to right are: 1971 Martin D-28, 2007 Morgan CM, 1980ish Fender dreadnaught, Songbird tenor banjo, Ibanez bass guitar, Godin LG electric, Godin A8 mandolin.)


Tara said...

My god, it's full of guitars!

Nightfall said...


why yes, i'd actually rather be sailing. said...

and it's got that "new cabinet" smell. we love so much. it's odd to congratulate someone for furniture. but this piece /will/ improve your life.

Allan S said...

Nice cabinet, but I am facinated with your shipwright work in your older posts. As an older type boat owner myself I really appreciate this blog. I have to list it in blogs I follow if you don't mind. I take maintenance and repair ideas from everywhere I can and I can see your blog being a valuable resource.....Allan

Courtney & Tara said...

Thanks Allan, sorry it's taken so long to reply but the latest post will explain that. Don't let the long silence scare you off, I WILL get back to working on the boat shortly!