Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Colour schemes

Per my last post, we're getting close to painting the hull. This calls for some serious decision-making, and being that kind of bear, I decided to whip up some graphic treatments of various colour schemes to make the choice more, um, reality-based.

All feature the same gorgeous BC background, sails textured from photos of actual sailcloth, and colours from the paint company's colour charts. The Photoshop work is quick and dirty, and there are no fine detail lines - we're just looking at topsides colours at this point. Oh, and I left the cabin, rudder, masts etc. white 'cause I'm lazy.

I know there are millions and millions of people reading this blog (heh), so I have decided to post these for your amusement and feedback. So, without further ado, I give you... Six Scrummy Schemes for Sturdy Sailboats!

1. With tanbark sails (kinda traditional in the land of the Shilling):

Dark blue with Hatteras off-white

Dark blue with buff

2. With white sails:

Hatteras off-white with dark blue

Blu-Glo white with sapphire blue

Blu-Glo white with buff

Off-white with sapphire blue

There are lots of other possible combinations, but these are the ones I like best, so they're the ones you get to see. If you have other suggestions, though, I'm happy to entertain them. Oh yeah, two more things: you can click the pictures for a larger version, and the colours look their most realistic if you actually print the pictures.

So, what do you think, O Mighty Blagsphere? I'd love your feedback!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's been a while!

Saw some great Oysterband shows in Alberta, and now Tara's gallivanting around the UK for a couple of months. That leaves me (Courtney) plenty of time to work on the boat.

Did some sanding on Wednesday night, and then Dad finished it up over the next few days. Today we put on the LAST few little patches of fairing compound (not much, as you can see, and it'll sand off very quickly). We also put the keel on (detail pic on the right, taken from the starboard bow).

Next order of business will be the stem and the bilge keels, and tidying the joint between the keel and the hull, not to mention the CP case slot. And THEN we'll be ready to paint and roll her over. Excitement!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tired. No pix.

Quick update: glass job was basically really good, a bit of sag on the starboard bow but otherwise pretty clean. Tara, Courtney, and friend Mark were out on Sunday to sand and tidy the edges; it was good fun having Mark there and it's always nice to find someone else to paint the fence. Last night Courtney and Buster put on a strip of glass to reinforce the bow and a thin coat of fairing compound over the whole hull. The last coat... please, please, please, let it be the last coat, otherwise Courtney is afraid that he will wake up one morning and find his arms have said "Bugger this for a lark" and gone off to Rio for hols. And that would make it hard to play music.

But seriously, it's looking really good and we'll have a bit of an enforced break, 'cause next week is the long-awaited "chase Oysterband through western Canada road trip"!