Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sanding update

A lot of sanding later, the hull is basically smooth and ready for filling and fairing. There are a few trouble spots where we'll wait and see how the fairing goes before deciding whether to use the belt sander on them, but things are looking good. Before we fair we'll dry-fit the keel and stem; that's probably the next order of business.

We were planning to glass the hull inside and out, but we're thinking about using a fabric other than fiberglass. Courtney is leaning toward Xynole - it's about 15% more expensive than glass, but MUCH more pleasant to work with (like a soft stretchy cloth), stronger, and more wear-resistant. We'll do a bit more research before making the decision, then order the cloth; it should be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $5-600.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sanding, sanding

Good thing I (Courtney) have been house-sitting out at Wavey Creek, 'cause I've been sanding my arms off. I sanded and sanded and sanded some more, until my little sander was broke (well, Dad's actually). Not wanting to wait the 7-10 days to bring in a new timing belt, I went out and bought a belt sander for Tara and myself - it makes sense that we should have one. Same basic model (Ryobi 3" x 21", variable speed), just the latest version.

This had nothing to do with tool lust. NOTHING. I mean it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Presenting: the WHISKY PLANK!

Yes, it's true, we finally fitted the whisky plank today. For those of you who are unfamiliar with wooden boat builders' traditions, the final plank on a wooden hull is usually toasted with whisky.

We did it up right, had some friends (Kyle, the bass player in Courtney's band, and his partner Carmella) over to help us drink some good single malt. Dalmore Black Pearl... yums!

Courtney's going to be busy fairing the hull now, in preparation for glassing and painting. Oh yeah, we also have to fit the stem and the keel and the skeg and the bilge keels and...

Yeah yeah, we're not quite done yet. But it's worth celebrating this milestone!